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Danny Aragon, Evangelist
The Unveiled Gospel started when Danny Aragon and Tom Wright were driving back to Colorado from an evangelism workshop in Foristell, MO.  As they drove they discussed things pertaining to evangelism in the churches of Christ and how it seemed as if it was on a down turn.
They came back and talked to the other ministers in the area and we were all in agreement that a monthly periodical would be a great encouragement to churches in the area of evangelism.  The area churches are currently striving to work together more closely in the spreading of the gospel of Christ and the encouragement of her members.  With the progress made during this time we felt it necessary to begin a way of communicating with others who are interested in the Lord’s work moving forward.
Therefore, we introduce “The Unveiled Gospel.”   This is not just another periodical for the church.  Our goal is to inform and encourage more congregations in their walk with Christ and their work in His kingdom.  We believe with better communication between the churches our work of reaching the lost and encouraging the faithful can be accomplished more vigorously.
Our staff is full of men who have devoted themselves to the work of the Lord.  They are men who are willing to commit themselves to not only helping their home congregations but are willing to go the extra mile to make themselves available to help evangelize and encourage other congregations as well.  Having spent the last few years with these men, I can attest to their godly character and their desire to serve the Lord with integrity.  These men are:
Terry Smalling, La Junta church of Christ
Steve Sprouse, Rocky Ford church of Christ
Richard Merrill, Security church of Christ
Silbano Garcia, Alamosa church of Christ
Mario Saldana, Limon church of Christ
Adam Hahn, Calhan church of Christ
Tom Wright, Holly church of Christ (Co-editor)
Danny Aragon, Kim church of Christ (Co-editor)
Our plan is to have other godly men or women who are interested to submit an article as a guest writer.  You can email articles to Tom at tom@theunveiledgospel.org or Danny at danny@theunveiledgospel.org.
Currently, “The Unveiled Gospel” is working with congregations in Colorado, Tennessee and Iowa.  Our focus is to help the Lord’s church see her potential in evangelism of the lost souls in their community.  As we travel and have to lodge in different areas we are looking for individual congregations and Christians to help support this domestic mission work. These funds will also be used in the printing and mailing of “The Unveiled Gospel.”  If you can help you can send a check or money order to The Unveiled Gospel, P.O. Box 132, Kim, CO 81049.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
This is definitely a work in progress and we would love your prayers as we begin presenting “The Unveiled Gospel.”
May God bless all the churches of Christ,
Danny Aragon
church of Christ, Kim, CO